About SquadQL

The SquadQL app is basically a fantasy football secretary. They increase your odds of winning through smart data and analytics with suggestions for optimal line-ups, injury and bye week replacements, player research, personalized push notifications so you know news that affects your team the instant you need to and so much more. SquadQL's mobile app syncs with your league no matter where you play, (i.e. ESPN, Yahoo, NFL, CBS, etc).

Their simple goal? To increase your odds of winning and decrease the time required to accomplish that. It's a perfect match with everything else you get access to at RotoPass. Whether you are a "Hardcore Harry," "Busy Bradley," or "Casual Katie," the proprietary SquadQL smart data gives you the edge you need over your league.

SquadQL is brought to you by the same team that built RotoQL, the insanely popular daily fantasy tool. Founded by the world's #1 ranked DFS player Saahil Sud, RotoQL has helped tens of thousands players win. And now, SquadQL is going to do the same for season long players. Once you try it, you'll wonder how you ever survived without it.

— Matthew Berry