About Football Outsiders

"The Bill James of Football." That's how, you know, the NY Times described Football Outsiders editor-in-chief Aaron Schatz. The original NFL analytics website, Football Outsiders now brings its sabermetric-style statistical analysis to help fantasy players see (and win) the game in a way that no one else does. RotoPass users get access to their revolutionary and widely used DVOA (Defense-adjusted Value Over Average) metric that is the most advanced and accurate statistic for predicting future team performance (and how that team performance will affect your fantasy players).

The DVOA Matchup View gives you important splits of DVOA for each week's games while the DVOA vs types of receivers breaks down the matchups you want to exploit and the ones you need to avoid. Along with yards and passes per game adjusted for the quality of the receivers being covered plus details like which teams struggle against slot receivers or what defense doesn't give up rushing yards to running backs but does allow lots of receiving yards to running backs, not to mention game charting stats like cornerback coverage, pass pressure rates, play-action rates and broken tackles you'll never make an ill-informed line-up decision again!

Looking at football in a completely different and in depth analytical way. Football Outsiders will not only make you a better fantasy owner, they will make you a smarter football fan. They've had many imitators over the years but none are as good as the original, which is why they continue to be a valuable content partner to ESPN.com. And as a member of RotoPass, you too can join the revolution and see what a difference Football Outsiders makes.

Football Outsiders is a division of EdjSports.

— Matthew Berry