About FanDuel

You like free money, right? Well, when you buy a RotoPass, you know you're already getting a ton of tools and information to win in both daily leagues and season long. But why spend your money when you can spend ours?


Yes! Subscribers to RotoPass will automatically get $10 of cold hard cash credited in their FanDuel account. That's right. You've got money to play with at FanDuel and you can enter any number of cash games and win money using, you know, FanDuel's own money.

FanDuel believes every fan should be SPORTSRICH. You know, getting experiences and bucket list memories that even season ticket holders can't have. And now, thanks to RotoPass, you get a FREE $10 credit on FanDuel so you can experience it yourself. You can play whenever you want on whatever device you want. And with Beginner 50/50 contests, the new Friends season long mode, many different contest and league options plus, you know, that FREE money from RotoPass, there's no excuse not to get SPORTSRICH. So play, watch & win - all in one day. On FanDuel.


(NOTE: Offer must be redeemed within 30 days of purchasing RotoPass or by September 30, 2017, whichever comes later. Users must be 18 years old as well as a resident and physically located in Canada or an eligible state in the USA. FanDuel does not offer paid contests in all 50 states. A complete and current list of where FanDuel offers paid contests can be found at www.FanDuel.com/legal)