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We think a better question would be... why WOULDN'T you buy RotoPass?

If you want to win. If you want to dominate. If you want customizable draft guides tailored to your league's rules and size. If you want every possible thing you could ever need and, like, ten more. If you DON'T want to spend hours looking for information and would rather have ALL the rankings, tools and analysis a mouse click away… read on.


1) It's an elite product for the elite player.

You know why most sites are free or only cost a few bucks? Because they're not worth a nickel more than what they charge. The owners have "real" jobs, aren't devoting the time to it and don't have the skill, writing staff or track record to justify costing more. But some people don't want to pay very much. Which is fine, because the cheap guys are the guys you'll be beating.

A year to BaseballHQ costs $99. A year to Rotowire costs $70. Etc etc. You know why they cost so much? Because they can get it. They're that good. And that's why we've chosen them to be a part of a brand new concept in fantasy sports information: RotoPass.

When you buy RotoPass, you're gaining access to ALL of the above sites and more: the most reputable, knowledgeable and proven sites in the business. At MUCH, much less than it would cost to buy them all separately!

2) It's an amazing value for your hard earned dollar!

Be it a draft guide, a magazine, a website subscription, a fee for a league management service, your entry fees… you already spend money on fantasy sports. So why not spend it wisely?

To get all these sites for a year, the cost breaks down to just $0.41 a day. If your fantasy domination isn't worth $0.41 a day, then why are you playing?

Not every site - even the good ones - does everything equally well. So why should you have to choose? With three different prices and terms, RotoPass has the right subscription for every type of player and budget! There is NOT a better value anywhere on the internet.

3) No more searching all over the Web.

Because YOUR time is valuable! Everything's only one click away! When you log into RotoPass.com, all the links are laid out in front of you. When you click on a site's link, a new window opens up INSIDE that site. Look around the site, get what you want, close the window. You're still logged into RotoPass and can now go to another great RotoPass site. In. Just. One. Click.

4) EVERYTHING you need - No matter WHAT or HOW you play!

RotoPass.com is by far the most COMPREHENSIVE fantasy information service site you can subscribe to.

Do you play in WCOFF, NFFC or any of the other "High Stake" fantasy football leagues? Scoresheet baseball? National salary cap games? Play with individual defensive players? Head to Head or points leagues? Count fumble recoveries more than touchdowns? Only draft players born in the Yukon? You name the game, we have the advice, analysis and draft guides to help you win.

Rotowire offers customizable draft guides, cheat sheets, articles, analysis and up to the minute fantasy news for NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NASCAR and other Fantasy Racing, PGA Golf, NCAA Football and NCAA Basketball, even Fantasy Soccer.

And you can practice drafting in any and all sports at MockDraftCentral, which supports every sport you can play - even MLS Soccer!

5) No Spam! No Pop-Ups! And did we mention… No Spam! No Pop-ups!

No site in the RotoPass ring, including RotoPass ourselves, is allowed to sell your e-mail to any outside source. In fact, they're not even allowed to send you email that isn't directly about their site or filled with fantasy info you need!

6) If you won't trust us, will you trust these guys?

Don't take our word for it. Take the word of the biggest names in sports.

  • ESPN, Yahoo, NFL.com, NBA.com and Fox Sports all use Rotowire.com for Fantasy Player News and content.
  • When the St. Louis Cardinals wanted an adviser to help bring them into the "Moneyball" era of sabermetrics, they hired Ron Shandler and BaseballHQ.com.
  • When Comcast wanted to get into the fantasy sports content business, they hired Fanball.com
  • When USA Today expanded it's fantasy coverage, they prominently featured content from BaseballHQ and The Huddle.

And by the way, when other "fantasy experts" want advice... they subscribe to our sites. We won't publish their names and embarrass them, but over 100 people who write for, work for or own fantasy websites and magazines are on the subscriber lists of our sites. So you can either pay them to steal and try to regurgitate it for you or go straight to the source.

7) There's nothing else like it! Anywhere on the web!

Thanks to the Internet, getting the winning edge, the extra insight, that razor thin margin of advantage is becoming harder and harder. Until now. Because while your competitors may subscribe to one premium website... Or even two… they don't subscribe to 8!

8) It's not just content… Award winning tools too!

From the time we all first got on the internet, technology has improved the way we play and win at fantasy sports. The sites in RotoPass are on the cutting edge of technology and give you access to many tools to help make your fantasy sports life more successful and stress free. From the award winning Draft Analyzer to Mock Draft Central's ability to practice from any spot, trade draft picks and the patent pending "predraft logic" to ESPN Insider's Pick Center and Fantasy Scout... We have all the tools you need for every step of the season.

9) Up to the nano-second fantasy information!

In fantasy sports, the news and value of players can change in an instant. That's why, when it happens in the real sports world, RotoPass subscribers know it, know the analysis and impact it has sooner than anyone else. From Rotowire's e-mail updates and it's up to the second player news to the ability to the wealth of information available through ESPN Insider, when it happens - no matter when or how - you're completely covered!

10) You get what you pay for!

Any site that tells you they charge less because they want to be "affordable" and are for "the fans" is full of it. People charge what they are worth and not a penny less. If a site is free or only costs $19.95 for a year, there's a reason for it. RotoPass isn't for everyone. It's a high quality, elite product for those that take their fantasy sports seriously. Yeah, we play fantasy for fun. But it's even more fun to win. So what are you waiting for? Buy RotoPass now - it's your ticket to domination!