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THANK YOU! Today, I moved into first place in a Yahoo points league, a shallow one but froth with "deep" personal rivalry.

It is beyond any peradventure that I would not be contending were it not for the reliable intelligence I glean from diligent perusal of the RotoPass - TMR, BBHQ and RW. The combination of BBHQ astute statistical analysis, RotoWire accuracy, and the aplomb of TMR's expert commentary, it unbeatable.

Yes, I read the more prosaic commentary of other sites to know what influences others thinking and idle moves, but I rely on RotoPass sites. And, not to forget, the Boards are a perfect compliment that allows one to express thoughts and hunches, and get helpful and amusing feedback form others and attentive, interested responses from the TMR pros.

It is most gratifying to watch the moves of other managers, and perceive that they are behind the knowledge curve - and, of course, savor my schadenfreude.

RotoPass is a great concept, it's sites are managed very well, and customer service at all sites is major league but above all real and human (i.e. not impersonal). One can clearly discern that everyone loves their work. RotoPass is a bargain deal. Congratulations to all for work well done. Keep-on keepin' on.
- Richard Torre

Rotopass has been a LIFESAVER ! Not only have I saved hundreds of dollars by using their awesome site with eight different Fanatasy sources, but I have WON over a Thousand dollars in league championships! Thanks Rotopass !
- Tom Harvey

You guys are amazing. We have three teams in Mendoza which now has 40 men on the roster and a 20 man minor league roster with all the trimmings so we need information more than most. And we won second place in our league in our first football try. I'm signed up until August. I was one of your first subscribers and love it.
- Jim Hurley

I think the RP idea is a great thing. I used to individually subscribe to John Hansen's site and Rotowire. I posted on Matt's TMR site but never forked out the cash for the premium. HQ had caught my eye a year or two ago, but with all my individual cash out-lays, it just wasn't in the fantasy budget. The Rotopass concept made Ron's site a reality. For a year or two now I have been trying the LIMA/ZIMA concept and with direct access to the HQ site it makes life that much easier.

Sorry about the long winded post. I guess this is a closet testimonial. I really enjoy the sites and now with them bundled together can save some cash. Thanks for coordinating with all the owners to form the partnership. You definitely have a satisfied client.
- Mark Gaudino

Thanks! Rotopass really helps with my fantasy baseball team! I am thirteen and am in first place, beating a bunch of 40-60 year old men! It really does help!
- Edwin James

Thanks for the very good response. I love your service! It's a bargain. Good luck with it.
- Don Sargent