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Like many great ideas, RotoPass.com was started because one friend said to another "You know what I wish there was…?" Two long time fantasy players who craved a lot of high quality, premium information. They wanted it all accessible in one easy to use site... and if it could be affordable, all the better.

A website where the members have access to all the information and tools a serious fantasy owner could possibly need to consistently compete in their leagues. A website that would help him dominate his leagues.

Idea in hand, the guys set out to fill the RotoPass Roster. Not just any site would do, however. They had some rules: Only high quality sites. The people who ran the sites had to do this as their MAIN source of income. No guys who do it on the side or as a hobby - why should you pay for some pizza guy's opinion?

RotoPass would be a high quality, elite product for those that are more concerned with winning than saving a few bucks by reading whatever free stuff they can find, regardless of where or who it came from.

WE take fantasy sports seriously. WE always play to win. RotoPass.com would reflect that attitude - in our product, our customer service and most importantly, in the RotoPass Roster sites.

A little over a year after the initial idea was conceived, RotoPass.com was born… with six great sites as their charter members: Since that time, the owners have tweaked the roster to reflect the best of the best in the fantasy sports industry and added to it as well. Thanks for checking us out. And if you give us a shot, you'll find out why 90% of our customers come back year after year.